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Pre-planning is an act of love

Unfinished business becomes larger than life. A funeral takes on a symbolic meaning – it becomes the last visible reality that we can experience of a loved one that has passed away. The funeral is therefore very important as an undignified funeral can do much harm to the bereavement process.

We are committed to giving each family adequate time and attention in order to give them a personalised service at an affordable price. It is also at this moment when proper pre-planning makes a great difference to everyone involved with the funeral and winding up of the estate. Orderly files will guarantee that your family is not left with a monument of chaos at a very traumatic time in their lives.

Why should you pre-plan your funeral?

We know from experience that funerals are for the living and a well-conducted funeral will comfort the bereaved families and help them work through their grief. By pre-planning your funeral you will spare your family the difficulty of certain decisions at one of the worst times in their lives.

Through pre-planning you inform them of your wishes and yet still allow them the freedom to personalise the service by contributing their own ideas. The Grobbelaars Funeral Services’s Life Book will walk you through inspirational ideas and the simple steps to planning an unforgettable memorial.

Pre-planning consultants

Planning ahead for a funeral is a private matter and we offer you the advantage of contacting one of our experienced consultants to discuss your individual funeral needs. The arrangements can also be done in the privacy of your own home, if you prefer. All arrangements are custom-made to your request.

For assistance in pre-planning, kindly contact us.

To ensure the seamless organisation of affairs for your loved ones during a challenging and emotional period, it is crucial to provide comprehensive information about yourself, your passing, funeral preferences, and estate details.

The Grobbelaars Legacy Planning Guide is a dedicated resource for collecting and updating this information over the years. With this tool, your loved ones can rest assured that all your details and wishes are readily available and will be thoughtfully followed.

Can we contact you about funeral cover?

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